Cores and more Cores for the money……

Earlier this year AMD has outgun Intel 7700k Kaby Lake (4 cores/8 threads) with the 1700 (8 cores/16 threads) at $300 dollars spot.


Intel didn’t believe AMD was going to do it but they did. And throughout the year Intel struggles to find where they are going with there lineup this year specifically there Core i9 series with x299 platform. The i9 series were thought to handleout Ryzen and Threadripper but critics like Tech of Tomorrow  has said that going to a new platform meaning you have to buy a new motherboard and new drivers being fixed.




later Intel release coffee lake at October 5, 2017. No doubt that Coffee Lake 6 core/12 threads was a powerhouse for games. But there is a cheaper 6 core 12 threads at the market already.


Online retails like Newegg and Amazon right now suggesting that Ryzen 1600 and 1600x are around $199 usd to 239 dollars at the moment prices may change on which region you are living

or just get a AMD 1700 at $300 USD dollars than $349 USD Core i7 8700k.

And now with a shocking announcement from AMD. A Ryzen 2 7 2700 12 cores 24 threads clocked at 4.0 GHz boost up 4.5 GHz for 329 USD. While the others are increase clocked speed up too 5.1 GHz with an added price tag up too 449USD.


This is very good for AMD since Intel i9 12 cores/24 threads are ridiculous expensive at a whopping 1,199 USD. That’s like $800 USD shave off for the AMD side. Its a good deal believe it or not.