Back to 80s Technology Consoles, x86 ???,and maybe online Store gaming are dead? RISC Architectures, Commodore Amiga, and Atari computer Rise from the Ashes I guess? UNIX/Linux and Open-Source Will NEVER DIE. APPLE is APPLE. Yes this is the longest TITLE in History.

Back in the 1980s , IBM have paved the way for personal computers as a standardize machine that Microsoft has done as for today “a Standard proprietary machine ”.

IBM PC AT (1985) with MS DOS

Microsoft should have not enter the console market but they did in 2002. They “Microsoft” have try very hard of what they can’t be and what they can be. Nevertheless Microsoft has proved that they can make a proprietary machine for the PC calledXBOX”

Recently Microsoft has release there third interrelation of there XBOX ONE console calling it

The world’s most powerful console

4K gaming console at $499.99

Well its not that either. Its actually called “Windows PC”. 

Unfortunately it the end of the so called “PC Master Race”. Its the end of consoles that should ended  years ago. Windows have dominated every home in the world as an operating system and Xbox was just a cancer that nobody wants. Still Xbox one will just migrate all that gaming software to the Windows Store, inside its operating system Why not?

Remember back in E3 this year, they have shifted there titles in the windows store called Xbox-play-anywhere program. meaning you can play all your XBOX ONE games on your “windows” machine. it gain some momentum.

Only there’s one problem Steam and GOG.


That’s right, there third party company’s that are also sharing it with Microsoft. Even though Windows has gain every single application on the market (Word, excel, email) But not for gaming though. Services like Steam and GOG are excellent but still using windows operating system as a holding hand. Steam wants out of windows while GOG could 100% brought by Microsoft . I really don’t know if MS owns the whole thing, but it will happen very soon as a one eco system no question about it. Maybe Linux will be the future of gaming if Valve wasn’t bought by Microsoft. 

So right now they “Microsoft” don’t control the whole solution but very soon.

Risc Architectures are also rising from the ashes for consumers.


DEFCON presentations on how untrustworthy Intel/AMD are and breaking X86





Since intel and AMD are fighting each other, everyone is talking about Moores law being almost dead. Others have said about both CPU company already have blobs spying on you.


Raspberry-Pi-3 with ARM cpu

However RISC Architectures are coming to all kinds of embedded machines(raspberry pi/single board) becoming more popular for open-source community. Heck a lot of people are doing it for normal computing and retro gaming for less money.  So who cares if (Intel/AMD) are gone or going to a darker road. We don’t care since it also can provide computing. 

“APPLE will BE APPLE” SINCE 1984-Present.


UNIX/Linux will never die in the opensource community. No need to ask why……….


Amiga/Atari coming from the ashes i guess???



for 10 years the word “Amiga” has never died. Sure there equipment are highly expensive parts that seem outdated. Amiga OS is really awesome but don’t know what to do with it, even though i wish i have it .  Yet enthusiast will buy anything that relates to Amiga. and in 2017 new things are being release. The amy-ITX is a interesting project that i will be looking forward too see as a product.

Amiga website

US Store front


Atari box linux console ?

RGT 85 rants on ATARIBOX

The mysterious Atari Box will run Linux and play games for an average $250. My problem is what will Atari Box bring too the table. PS4 and Nintendo Switch are run on modified versions of FREEBSD that has alot of games.  While Steam runs on numerous linux distro’s  and even its own distro “SteamOS”.

I don’t think this is the real Atari. It could be a scam, i am not sure if they will deliver it “BOX”. as oppose of Amiga clone (AMY-ITX) that can deliver.

Blank screen 

full QNA and news to the public

Its hard to believe on why its being sold as a console to the public. But it sad too see they trying to get into the market clogged up by Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, Steam, etc…. They should of learn their lession years ago (Atari 7800,lynx, Jaguar) the public already knew.  Instead of releasing a console they should of release a Atari ST clone FPGA boards that lets you use your floppy disk and modern applications.


Computers are getting interesting in 2017………..

lets not call it the “PC” but lets call it a PC clone or a IBM PC clone lol……