A response to the Linux Gamer #WhyIUseLinux for work and not for gaming

I do play games on my windows machine but i don’t care about it. I don’t care as much as you do. I don’t care if it blows up or crashes. I don’t use Linux for gaming.

The real reason I use Debian GNU/Linux

Its just Cost Effective”

Yeah…….“Its Cost Effective”

What do I mean cost effective?

You can buy any 64bit computer from the past 10 years and just install it for your needs. Its just way cheaper to install it on 100 machines for people to connect to the internet. Heck I even use Debian GNU/LINUX for my flower business. Because I don’t need windows to slow down my workflow. It just have packages that I can work really fast. Another big plus is not needing to upgrade my machine until it broken. Debian is not an operating system that say its not working. Windows is a operating system that waste your time and money. Same thing goes with APPLE it waste your time and money.

I am quite thankful to have found Linux in my life.