GTX 750Ti is the best card that NVIDIA has ever put on the market since 2014.


750Ti__3753_product_imageThe GTX 750Ti was release in February 8 2014 just 3 years ago. It was based on the Maxwell Architecture. The aim for the GTX 750Ti was for those who had a OEM machine with a 300 watt power supply who wanted to game for the budget and doesn’t need to change the power supply . No need of 6 pin or 8pin connectors. It just uses a pci express slot by 60 watts. Since then Nvidia has release groovy performing cards for the money around the mid 150-170 dollar range in 2015 and 2016 (GTX 950 & GTX 1050ti) that requires at least 300-400 watts power supply. They continue this trend for efficiency throughout Maxwell/Pascal cards. Both high and low end cards.

The game i play on a regular basis is left for dead 2, Garys mod, and GTA5

GTA 5 low settings weekend drive around Los Santos

CPU loads on a core i5 4690 is very high up 90% loads up 4 cores. Because GTA 5 is CPU heavy game when V-Sync is off. But remember its on low settings.

Frames Time (ms) Min Max Avg
9841 114391 63 106 86.029

Garys mod very high settings many zombies on screen and blowing them up

 Frames Time (ms) Min Max Avg
21533 131828 47 278 163.342

Left For dead 2 very high settings getting out of the hotel

Frames Time (ms) Min Max Avg
27370 196844 88 193 139.044

OEMUpgrade_575pxThe real reason

“its the best card”

  1. less power
  2. Enough horse power to play games.
  3. Good value

I am not a fanboy for AMD or Nvidia. They both produce the same graphics product. AMD&Nvidia both proved that u don’t need a PS4 or xbox one to play games for 400-500 dollars but on a machine u already have with a 150 dollar graphics card that you can upgrade inside your machine playing PC games ready. However Nvidia has really market themselves very heavily as a company that takes power efficiency quite serious than AMD from the low-high end market.

In conclusion the GTX 750Ti was a interesting card at the time. It can still handle newer titles unless played on low settings 1080p or 720p. I bought mines brand new at Frys Electronics for 169.99 around February 2016. You can by your GTX 750Ti used for about 50-75 bucks on Ebay.