3 reasons why GNU/Linux is Good for YOU in 2017


Have you ever wish to not live with a Windows license or never wanting to buy a mac laptop/ iMAC desktop at the apple store because u regret it for so long? Or have u thought that your computer was messing with you? But never thought that it was you? Like what the heck its slow? And realizing those windows 10 updates were using up so much bandwidth that you couldn’t really do anything, and the network is being shared on 3 machines in your home. Well Gnu/Linux Got your back. If you don’t have the money to buy an OS for 100 dollars for that sweet 600 dollars machine that u just build then Gnu/Linux is very affordable for you. Gnu/Linux have everything cover for you from Office suites, database software, and video editing. My story with Linux was interesting. On December 20th 2015 I decided to use GNU/Linux on my 2008 Toshiba laptop that had a Celeron 900 1.2ghz 2gb ram and 160gb hard drive because I really hate using windows vista. It used all CPU+2GB system resources when ever I wanted to watch a video, listen to a mp3, or even web browsing. I soon discovered Ubuntu. And it ran like dream. 3 weeks later I use Debian 8 Fluxbox on a 120gb SSD and it also boot 3 seconds onto the login prompt.

But here is 3 reasons why GNU/Linux is good for you in 2017

  1. Supports hardware architectures from 32bits-64bit systems

    Linux supports all hardware from Pentium, core 2 duo, quad cores etc…. However Mac Os and Windows would rather force you to upgrade the hardware that “they” want “you” too use… not what “you” want to use to function. You can just purchase a cheap system and install Linux and will just “WORK”. Research the hardware before u install GNU/Linux such as a wireless adapter.

  2. Low system resources machine

    You can customize your machine to use very low resources on Linux. Such as using windows managers like Icewm and Fluxbox. Most window managers use at least 100-256 MB of ram usage. At the same time big windows managers like Gnome and KDE still use 512mb-1gb ram than windows and mac. If your using ancient machines that use less than 256mb you can do that too. You can do anything with less ram on Linux. Windows don’t let you do that. Windows will just have bloatware filling up the resources through your ram. However if your using a web browser on your system that only holds 512mb-2gb ram or if your just watching YouTube videos it will push the CPU to at least 100% and use most of the ram that will be available, be cautious on what you’re doing. However if your just using text reading then use Links or Lynx on your terminals to use less ram.

  3. “You” can do anything with GNU/Linux and it’s Free!!!

    What I mean is u can do whatever you want, you so desire on the operating system. You can buy the best of the best hardware and it will run Linux really Fast. Install what you need than install bloatware on your PC. You can just use terminals as your daily driver if u don’t like GUI. Build yourself a stable GNU/Linux operating system of your own.  So much things u can do with GNU/Linux to the impossible without needing to purchase a MAC or Windows.

    Choose which GNU/Linux distro that you are comfortable with. Highly recommend Debian if you are trying GNU/Linux for the first time.